Payments can be better

We believe that most payment solutions are inflexible and don't serve their customers as well as they should.


Technology has given us the ability to fundamentally rethink how payments and finance should operate and we are working to bring these changes to as many people as possible.

Our mission​

We have a simple mission at bizpay. We believe that those who create value for others, should be the ones who are rewarded. When the creator of a product or service delivers that service to another person, we are working to make sure the total amount that person pays, is as close as possible to what the creator receives.

More broadly, we think that everyone should be able to take positive steps towards improving their lives, no matter what their background or situation. We think that there is always a way to help someone build a stronger future and we want to be part of making that happen. 

At bizpay, we're helping change finance for the better, one transaction at a time.

Our values


We look to make sure everything we do is sustainable over the long term. We understand our part in the wider financial system and want to support others so we can all succeed together. We work to always consider longer term impact and affordability on everything we do.


It's important to us that we hold true to what we believe and that we uphold our values. We will stick by our convictions even when they are hard, making sure that we continue to uphold the principles which we lay down for ourselves.


We think that things work better when people are clear about their intentions and outline exactly how things are. We'll always look to make sure that things are well communicated, extremely clear and in plain English to avoid any possible misunderstandings.

Our Team

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Ben Francis

Chief Executive Officer

Previously at Menzies LLP and Close Brothers Asset Finance Ben's background is in consulting and entrepeneurship.

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Suthagar Rajeswaran


Previously at Macquarie bank and BNP Paribas Sid's background is in finance and commodities trading.

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Rob Williams

Chief Information Officer

Previously Global VP of Solutions Planning and Delivery at Travelport, Rob has experience in delivering complex technology projects.

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Olly Finding

Non Executive Director

Currently International Business Development Director for Babylon Health, Olly has experience rapidly scaling a technology firm.

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Paul Charles

Non Executive Director

Currently CEO of The PC Agency a leading travel PR firm, Paul was previously Director of Communications for Virgin Atlantic and Eurostar.

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David Falter

Non Executive Director

Currently CEO of Antenna International, David was previously President and CEO of Galileo Americas. 

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Chris Tavener

Non Executive Director

Currently Partner at Lane Clarke & Peacock a leading actuarial firm, chris has significant experience advising Financial and Insurance firms about how they can best manage risk.

Scott Borden


Having been on the board of Flyer Talk and a consultant to airlines on frequent flyer programs, Scott is a renowned aviation expert. 

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