bizpay makes accepting

payments or instalments easy

Flexible solutions that support your business

Accept multiple payment methods via subscriptions, instalments or any other pricing model.

Live in minutes, no coding required, get started free with low fixed costs once at scale.

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Any business model or payment schedule

Whether you want to take payment now, offer instalments, subscriptions, invoicing, or any other type of payment cycle, we can help.

Offer customers all their preferred options


Out of the box support for Stripe, GoCardless and Bank Transfer payments.

Lower transaction fees and increase sales by offering increased payments choice.

Transact on your terms

Use your existing terms and ensure that provisions are enforced. Whether you want to apply late payment fees or give time limited cancellation periods, it's all possible.

Full control over customer experience

Work with our pre-built interfaces and be live immediately, or implement our REST API and take full control over every aspect of the customer journey.

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