Reach New Customers

Increase Demand

Expand your existing market with monthly payments, creating more buyers for your products.

Upfront Payment

Receive full payment at checkout, as soon as your customer pays their first instalment.

How bizpay works

Integrate bizpay software on your checkout

Buyers select pay later from your buying path

We profile buyers and organise the agreement

You receive full payment via your existing systems

Simple checkout

We help you integrate our technology into your website so buyers can select to pay over time as part of your existing buying process.

Adding deferred payments with us is easy and straightforward.

API Interface

Our API is designed to ensure all buyers have a great buying experience, whatever device they use. 


Whether it's a tablet, mobile, desktop or any other web enabled device, we enhance your buying path with a seamless pay monthly option.

Receive payment via your existing methods

No need to integrate anything new, we connect directly to your existing payment methods out of the box

Start generating demand

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